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Vendor support and FAQs

Vendor support and FAQs

For invoices, payment and deduction information, please use the AP Visibility System. (Separate Registration & Log-In needed for AP Visibility; Registration details available from link; do not use your ETR Login credentials) (US, Canada merchandise and Non-merchandise vendors only)

US current Merchandise vendors: System Guide

Canada current Merchandise vendors: System Guide

Merchandise Vendors - Please update your locations: We ask that you please download the recent location list from our US Location search page to avoid significant delays, missed sales and disappointed customers. There have been many instances where:

  • Store employee are required to go to UPS or Fedex to get the product
  • Store employee having to go to the old address and sign for the product so it can get delivered/rerouted to correct location address
  • Store never gets the product
Welcome to Best Buy's vendor portal

If you are interested in becoming a Partner with Best Buy - Start here

Current US Merchandise Partners - Start here

Current SDF Merchandising Partner - Start here - login first!

Non Merchandise (GNFR) Partners - Start here

US Carriers - Start here

Canada Partners Start here

Mexico Partners Start here

Carrier Information

This section contains carrier information for the US, Canada and Mexico. Information available on this page includes routing guides, scheduling forms, location listings, Carrier EDI and more.
Please see the updated
Transportation home page for the US Routing and shipping guide, the Direct Import Guide, scheduling forms and more. 

Carriers: Schedule an appointment: Click here (no appointments needed for store deliveries)

News and Updates

Updates to Vendor Provided Parts and Display Guidelines - posted on the Vendor Performance and Operations page under Policies and Standards

California Electronic Waste Recycling Act Changes

On January 1, 2017 the California eWaste fee will increase on certain product categories. Vendors are required by this law to list the correct recycle fee value for item setup in PIM. Refer to the attached notice for details

Merchandise Vendors - Help Us Promote a Positive Customer Experience! Ensure you've download the latest location address to prevent unnecessary delays from deliveries going to the wrong location.

US Merchandise Item Setup Changes - Must review!!

*Revision to Manual SKU Set Up Process
*Revision to Unit Cost Requirements for Item Set Up 

Environmental Compliance: These laws must be followed in order for your brand to be sold at Best Buy. Click here to review the summary of requirements. 

Product Compliance: Products delivered to Best Buy are required to meet all applicable Federal, State and Local product safety laws and regulations. Login on the home page first and then open the document for specific product requirements Click Here

Standard Terms to the Vendor Master Agreement Updates for fiscal year 2017, effective March 1, 2016. Please review the terms and related information here

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