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The purpose of Best Buy’s Vendor Portal is to significantly improve collaboration between vendors, carriers & internal Best Buy business groups by establishing a secure, efficient, and consistent means of accessing and exchanging information. This allows Best Buy to deliver a positive customer experience and drive value to our shareholders. This site is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6.0, 7.0. Google Chrome, and Firefox.

Vendor System Support and FAQs

Vendors are required to a variety of systems to do business with Best Buy. The documents below provide high level system description, support contacts and links to additional support documentation. Please keep a copy for reference when you need help with a specific system.

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US Vendor Security administrators (VSA): Click here

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Important Vendor Partner Information

Already a Partner

If you are a new, APPROVED MERCHANDISE Vendor, please click here to review Best Buy Requirements for Vendor Partners.

Become a Partner

If you are a Vendor interested in selling your products or services to Best Buy Co. Inc., click here.

Carrier Information

This section contains carrier information for the US, Canada and Mexico. Information available on this page includes routing guides, scheduling forms, location listings, Carrier EDI and more.
Please see the updated Transportation home page for the US Routing and shipping guide, the Direct Import Guide, scheduling forms and more. 

Company Updates and FAQ

Attention Canadian Merchandise Vendors:

Effective today 4/6/2015 the new RTV deduction dispute process is live. This new process will allow the Canada vendors to dispute RTV deductions through a detailed grid on AP Visibility, view the status of the dispute, review the grid that they submitted if needed, and receive detailed reporting of anything that was denied payback. Moving to this process with the Canada RTV deductions has created a consistent process for both the US and Canada from beginning to end for both the vendor and Best Buy. If you questions regarding this new process please email APSBRLVL1@bestbuy.com

US Supplier Direct Fulfillment vendors (SDF) - Tax codes, Recycling & categories, On MY! Need help with these topics in PIM Portal? Please click here

March 4, 2015 – Best Buy locations DDC 75 Dallas and DDC 722 Baltimore will be closed or delayed for inbound deliveries on March 5th, 2015 due to severe weather expected to hit their regions. Currently scheduled loads will be rescheduled at a result of this. If you have any questions please reach out to us at Scheduling@BestBuy.com


Extra! Extra! Read all about it: Updated Gifts and Vendor Relations Policy (Nov 2014)


Attention vendors: We ask that you please download the recent location list from our US Location search page (under quick links). There have been many instances where:

  • Store employee are required to go to UPS or Fedex to get the product
  • Store employee having to go to the old address and sign for the product so it can get delivered/rerouted to correct location address
  • Store never gets the product

This causes significant delays, missed sales opportunities and disappointed customers.

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