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Vendor Performance & Operation Standards
Vendor Performance & Operation Standards
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The sections below outline the required programs for Best Buy Partners. Vendors currently involved in the on-boarding process should see below for any action items required by Best Buy to receive your vendor numbers. Vendors are only assigned a vendor number after they have completed the on boarding process.

Important: You may contact the EDI team before you receive a Best Buy vendor number to discuss your EDI options and receive guidance if you have not implemented EDI in the past. The actual partnership can only be setup in our systems once the Best Buy vendor number is created.

EDI Summary: Best Buy offers two solutions to enable trading electronically: Traditional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Web-enabled EDI. Both solutions meet our E-Business requirements, which are included as part of the Vendor Master Agreement (VMA). More information can be found on the EDI & E-Business web page of the Best Buy Partner Portal (you will be prompted to log in).

Support: EDISupport@bestbuy.com

Important: If a Best Buy business contact or Merchant has started the on-boarding process with you, click "enroll now" to enroll in EFT. DO NOT enroll if Best Buy has not initiated a plan to sell your products.

Note: Every vendor number must be set up separately in this system. Best Buy will not issue a vendor number until you are enrolled.

Finance & Accounting:


Best Buy is consistently improving and streamlining processes within our supply chain. We have engaged an initiative aimed at improving the accuracy and integrity of the item data collected in our systems. As a part of this focus, we accept new item data from Vendors using one of two standard methods - Via the Global Data Synchronization Network (GDSN) or via a web-based Product Information Management (PIM) system.


Best Buy has updated the Standard Terms and Vendor Insurance Standards to the Vendor Master Agreement, effective April 1, 2018. The Standard Terms and Vendor Insurance Standards are Best Buy Confidential Information and for this reason, you will need your vendor login and password to access the new terms which are posted below. The Best Buy Standard Terms and Vendor Insurance Standards apply to all vendors selling goods for resale to Best Buy. Acceptance of a purchase order from Best Buy constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

Note: The following links are secured. You will be prompted to log in to the Best Buy Partner Portal in order to view these documents.

Products Compliance: Products delivered to Best Buy are required to meet all applicable Federal, State and Local product safety laws and regulations. Please log in to the Best Buy Partner Portal and to see the Product Compliance page.

Environmental Compliance: These laws must be followed in order for your brand to be sold at Best Buy. Click here to review the summary of requirements (on the Best Buy Partner Portal; requires a log in). Please refer to the ERCC website for a full list of e-waste regulations and deadlines.

Please see the Best Buy Ship It Right page on the Partner Portal (log in required).

All of Best Buy's Policies can be found on the Best Buy Partner Portal.

For information about corporate sponsorships and in-store promotions, please contact sponsorship@bestbuy.com. For questions about donations, please visit the Community Relations section of BestBuy.com, which also includes information about programs that reflect our commitment to the communities in which we live and work.

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