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Getting Started
Getting Started

Important Note:

*If your organization is not GDSN capable or you are not sure, please contact GS1.
*If your organization is not an approved Best Buy vendor, please contact PartnerSupport@bestbuy.com


Steps to synchronize with Best Buy on GDS:


1. Select a GDSN certified data pool. Best Buy's preferred data pool is Edgenet but you have the option to choose any Data Pool you wish.

2. Contact GDS@bestbuy.com after you have signed up with a data pool of your choice.

3. Review the Implementation Guide and Attribute List to ensure you understand Best Buy's Item requirements. Any attributes not passed through the GDSN will require manual supplementation in PIM Portal.

4. After we receive your trading partner form, Best Buy will notify you when you can begin publishing.

5. Request access to PIM portal by logging into the Vendor Iam Security Portal if you don't already have access.


If you have any questions or need additional information about getting started with Edgenet, please visit: http://www.edgenet.com/contact-us or Best Buy at GDS@bestbuy.com


The Global Location Number (GLN) is the GS1 identification key used to identify physical locations or parties. The key is comprised of a GS1 Company Prefix, location reference, and check digit. GLNs play an essential role in the Global Data Synchronization Network. GLNs are mandatory within GDSN and they are used to identity data owners/information providers, such as distributors, brokers, and manufacturers, as well as legal entities and physical locations.


  • Your GLN identifies your company within our PIM portal
  • Even if you have several Best Buy vendor numbers, you only need one GLN
  • You Best Buy vendor numbers and user logins roll up to the GLN
  • As the GLN owner, you are responsible for notifying all your trading partners of GLN changes

Further Help

Does my company already have a GLN? Look up here

GS1 Global Location Numbers

Phone: + 1 609 620 0200
Website: www.gs1us.org
Email: info@gs1us.org