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Goods Not For Resale (GNFR)
Goods Not For Resale (GNFR)

Please start accessing the new Partner Portal at: partners.bestbuy.com. Click here to access the Non Merchandising page directly.

Note: The old portal (Extending the Reach) will soon be phased out and no longer accessible.

If you have any questions, please contact the Partner Experience Team.

Extending the Reach is Best Buy’s central repository for supplier policies, guidelines, and information. Non-Merchandise, or Goods/Services Not For Resale (GNFR) suppliers provide the goods and services not sold in stores that Best Buy uses to conduct business. This site must be referenced by suppliers on a continuous basis for the most current information.

Thank you for expressing interest in conducting non-merchandise business with Best Buy. 

Please connect with us at industry and/or networking events.

Best Buy expects that our non-merchandise suppliers use best practices, including high ethical standards, in the conduct of its business. Best Buy is looking for suppliers who are willing to partner with us to develop working arrangements that lead to the efficient supply of high quality goods and services that meet Best Buy’s needs. Please know that Best Buy continually challenges its suppliers to increase quality and efficiency at a reduced cost.

As part of its commitment to Best Buy, a supplier is expected to be flexible in its terms for doing business, including acceptance of our standard terms and conditions. These include, but are not limited to 45-day payment terms, standard indemnifications by supplier to Best Buy, insurance requirements and proof that supplier meets such requirements, and standard representations and warranties (e.g., products are of merchantable quality, services performed are at highest industry standards). If a supplier is unwilling to accept our standard terms and conditions, the likelihood of entering into a contractual relationship with Best Buy is greatly reduced.

For your convenience, the Non-Merchandise Supplier Performance and Operations Standards are available on Best Buy’s ExtendingTheReach.com:

  1. Supplier Policies
  2. Supplier Invoicing & Payment
  3. Supplier Systems & Training Material
  4. Supplier Diversity and Sustainability
  5. Best Buy Corporate Responsibility

We look forward to seeing you at industry and/or networking events. Thank you again for your interest in conducting non-merchandise business with Best Buy.

This page contains policies that all Suppliers must comply with and those that should be used as guidelines when doing business with Best Buy, if and as applicable.



This page contains information regarding supplier invoicing and payment processes.


The Retail Facilities Department is responsible for repair and maintenance of Best Buy buildings and grounds (excluding CAM locations) commencing the first day the facility is open for business and continuing through the expiration of the lease or until the property is sold. Properties include Best Buy Retail Stores, District Distribution Centers (DDCs), Product Return/Defective Centers (PRDs), Service Centers, Regional and District Offices, Sublet and Co-tenant Properties, as well as Best Buy Mobile, and Magnolia locations (Total of over 1000 locations).